Facebook Promotions


  1. Facebook ID
  2. Instagram ID
  3. Provide Business Gmail Id
  4. WhatsApp business number
  5. Photograph for profile (logo of your business)
  6. Pin code, business hours.
  7. Website’s URL, if you have one
  8. A code will be sent to the WhatsApp business number during the linking process.
  9. Make sure that the Instagram page and WhatsApp business number provided should not be linked to any other Facebook business pages.



  1. Once you have confirmed the poster or banner for social media marketing, the marketing process will begin
  2. The target locations must be stated clearly so that we can run ads more effectively.
  3. We will only have access to your Facebook business page in order to run your ads through our ad account
  4. We will send you four banners each month, as well as weekly ones
  5. If you choose to run WhatsApp ads for your campaign, the leads will be directed to your WhatsApp business number.
  6. If you choose to run lead ads for your campaign, we will download and share the leads with you every day.
  7. Any campaign-related issues will be communicated and discussed.


Facebook Promotions



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