Verified Business WhatsApp

Verified Business WhatsApp

Verified Business WhatsApp:
We on your behalf can request WhatsApp for an Verified Business WhatsApp Account. The application approval is at the discretion of WhatsApp authorities. The approval is based on various criteria and after scrutinizing various points. The user will need to provide few documents along with a number to be activated under Official Business account. Once this number has been allocated, it cannot be used registered in mobile as regular WhatsApp as well as will not be available once we stop their Official Business account service.

One time Account set up Rs. 24,999/-

Monthly Server Rs. 4,999/- (minimum 12 months)


Documents Required:
a. Facebook Page URL
b. Facebook Business Manager ID
c. Company Name
d. Contact Person Name
e. Company Detail Address
f. GST Number:
g. Mobile number to host for WhatsApp
h. Profile Picture
i. About text (maximum 139 characters)
j. Address to be shown on Profile (maximum 256 characters)
k. Description to show on profile (maximum 256 characters)
l. website address
m. email (maximum 128 characters) should be on above domain
n. Business vertical
o. Proof of Incorporation matching with business name above
p. Proof of Address matching with address above

Verified Approval & Setup (One Time)

Rs. 24,999/-


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